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Baldwin’s Lawn Care and Landscaping is proud to bring the dull concrete of Omaha to life with its Stardek Concrete Coating Products. 


Stardek Decorative Concrete Products are a great way to add beauty and reliability to your business or home.  Stardek is not a paint or a stain, “Stardek is formulated using tough acrylics, color pigments, and cementations material.”


Some of the features that set Stardek apart from other decorative concrete are:

¨ Easy Maintenance

¨ Slip Resistance

¨ Oil, Rust, & Mildew Resistance

¨ Complete Color Selection

¨ Extreme Durability

¨ Highest Quality Products

¨ Resilient/Flexible Surface that Resists Chipping

¨ Freedom to Create Your Own Design

¨ Product is Applicable in All Climates


Stardek also offers advantages over unmodified concrete.  The chart below shows some of the technical difference between concrete that is modified with Stardek versus unmodified concrete:


Un-Modified Cement

Stardek Modified Cement

Shear Bond Strength

80 PSI

250 PSI

Strength of bond between two surfaces

Tensile Strength

210 PSI

925 PSI

The ability to resist pulling apart

Comprehensive Strength

2265 PSI

4365 PSI

How much weight can be applied before breaking

Flexural Strength

210 PSI

925 PSI

Withstand pressure between points of contact

Impact Strength

5 in. Lbs.

37 in.Lbs.

How much force is required to break the surface

Abrasion Resistance



Percentage of weight loss under abrasive wheels